What is being said about Give Your Dream A Heartbeat and Choose Joy Now!

"Give Your Dream A Heartbeat and Choose Joy Now! is an inspiring read celebrating women's talents, passions, and strengths. It's a road map to success for anyone who has a dream."
--Dr. Billye Peterson, Author and Emeritus Professor of Business

"Lisa Miller's book and dream board work magic in motivating and inspiring women to take action to live the life they've dreamed of."
-- Amy Bary, Entrepreneur

Dear Lisa,
I have been meaning to write or e-mail you about your new book. It is just terrific! While I was reading it, I couldn't help thinking what a wonderful motivational seminar this would be. I have been to a number of those during my working years ... some great, some horrible! This book just calls out for a seminar schedule ... presentation by the author and explanation of the concepts, break into smaller groups for people to talk about their "dream" for themselves personally and for the job or profession they're in. Then further group discussions using the teaching concepts for people to really get down to tangible efforts they can make to help make their dreams ... professionally or personally ... come to fruition. This could be such a fun and interactive kind of professional enrichment experience! You have such a bubbly personality, that I can see you leading something like this.

Private industry and also government agencies pay big bucks$$$$$ to people who have a seminar "package" that they can present to employees to help motivate them or to just give them a new perspective on their job or to enhance team effort/team building. I think this is just so made for that sort of thing. I don't know if you intend to do that sort of effort with the book and the concepts you've presented, but I would encourage you to do so. I've been forced to sit through some of the most awful seminars that had no relevance to anything or to anyone in the audience. I would have welcomed an upbeat, well thought out effort by someone to present material like that in your book.

You've done a wonderful job here, girl! Congratulations!

-- Your friend, Carol Walt, author

"Reading Give Your Dream a Heartbeat and Choose Joy Now! gave me the strength to tell my siblings of my troubled past. My childhood has been a different one, so to speak. I have several brothers and sisters from which my childhood truth has been in hiding for close to 13 years. My father had the fear/strength to tell my mother he performed acts that are un-excusable.

Give Your Dream a Heartbeat and Choose Joy Now! empowered me to release my story to those close to me. Without it, I would still be hiding my story in deep fear and sadness within myself.

Words cannot express what thanks I want to give author Lisa Miller for sharing her story and writing a book that empowered me to explain to my younger siblings why I have a different last name than them. Her story helped me to realize that I'm not alone in my challenges - it gave me the strength to share my story to those I care about dearly.

It still brings a tear to my eye (and I'm a grown adult male) thinking about what my life would have been without reading Give Your Dream a Heartbeat and Choose Joy Now! Anyone willing to share their story with the world is nothing more than a miracle worker in my eyes.

Ms. Miller has been nothing more of a Saint to me. Without reading her book, I would still be living a life in deep sadness and despair."
-- G. C.